The University of Perugia has established in 2008 the Center for Research on Climate and Climate Change (CRC) . The CRC deals with research on climate and climate change in different scientific fields. The CRC, in fact, was born as an interdepartmental center gathering within it many research topics of Engineering, Physics, Geology, Agriculture, Biology and Law of the University.




All key climate indicators and associated impact information provided in the (State of the climate 2020 WMO) report highlight relentless, continuing climate change, an increasing occurrence and intensification of extreme events, and severe losses and damage, affecting people, societies and economies. The negative trend in climate will continue for the coming decades independent of our success in mitigation. It is therefore important to invest in adaptation. One of the most powerful ways to adapt is to invest in early warning services and weather observing networks. Several less developed countries have major gaps in their observing systems and are lacking state of the art weather, climate and water services.

WMO Secretary-General Prof. Petteri Taalas.