The CRC is composed by five main sections which continuously interacts each others to

 atmosfering modelling

Atmosferic Modeling

The atmospheric modeling section constantly works to improve weather and climate forecasts, by enhancing the representation of physical processes and the initial conditions in atmospheric models.

 atmosfering modelling


The climatology section studies climatic variability and climate change, especially in Central Italy.

 atmosfering modelling

Applied Meteorology

The applied meteorology section uses surface weather data, space-based measurements (meteorological satellites) and weather forecasts to support and develop new applications for many different users..

 atmosfering modelling

Water Resources

The water resources section studies the correlation between climate trends, precipitation, groundwater resources and lakes behaviour.

 atmosfering modelling

Atmosferic Chemistry

The atmospheric chemistry section studies the direct and indirect effects of aerosols on the climate systems and uses lagrangian models to forecast their dispersion in the atmosphere.