Research activity


  • Climate data and Climate indices for central Italy

    We collect, validate and analyze climate data of central Italy coming both from local authorities and global dataset, as provided by the Copernicus Climate Data Store. We use such data to study the climatology of our region and to monitor the evolution of climate indices which are fundamental especially for agriculture decision support systems.

  • Circulation weather types in central Italy

    The climate variability is directly linked to the variability of atmospheric circulation. We study the frequency and the internal properties of different circulation weather types which are responsible for the observed climate in central Italy and in particular for the observed precipitation regimes. This research activity is conducted through the joint use of ERA5 reanalysis data and high resolution atmospheric models, in order to reproduce atmospheric circulations and understand the main physical mechanisms bringing rainfall in central Italy. This activity is performed over a long time period (more than 30 years), in order to study the climate change effect on the frequency and the internal properties of circulation weather types.

  • Vegetation phenology and climate change

    We study the correlation between the plant phenology (the timing of periodic events in the plant life such as budburst, flowering, dormancy, migration and hibernation) and climate change. This research activity has lead to the creation and management of several Phenological Gardens (included in the International Phenological Gardens of Europe) where the life cycle of specific clones of various plant species is observed without being influenced by the genetic effects. Such gardens are effective plant-based climate-change monitoring systems and phenological observations are of strategic importance because of their considerable implications in the agriculture field (e.g. fruit production).

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